Tri-North Middle School Building Renovation

Tri-North Tri-North Middle School Middle School 19

Built in 1959 by The Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) the Tri-North Middle School Building was one of three middle schools built for the growing population of Bloomington Indiana. The building’s unique design was placed on a hilltop with Southeastern orientation, and really only one viable main entry area, resulting in the fast deterioration of the floor finishes in the main lobby entry.

The finishes in the main lobby entry and hallways have been changed many times over the years. The original carpeting was replaced by sheet vinyl, which was replaced with carpet again, and then changed to VCT in 2003. The large costs of maintaining these finishes and the huge amount of localized foot traffic resulted in the quick deterioration of the floor finishes. The Owner desired a floor finish that would be permanent, sanitary, and easy to maintain. What floor finish could provide all of these? Epoxy 3/8” Terrazzo flooring is the final answer to this question.

Once again, 3/8” Epoxy Terrazzo was selected to replace the VCT in all the 12,000 sf areas of hallways, corridors, entries, and stairways of the building. The Owner requested that the original design of the corridors color layouts and the school emblem, “The Trojan Head” be kept and modified. The corridor layouts provide, for formal mass movement of students and teachers between classes, utilizing a stripe down the middle of the hall to direct students to stay to the right of the stripe, and the teachers walk in the middle of the stripe. This provides for a very informal but organized traffic flow.

The terrazzo installation began the first day that school was dismissed. The existing VCT was removed and the concrete substrate was shot blasted to remove the cutback adhesive. The entire project was completed during the summer 2009 vacation which was a little more than eleven weeks. This difficult schedule demanded very tight scheduling of the manpower and work areas. The final result is a floor finish that will perform well for the school system and according the Principal Dr. Gale Hill “We are so pleased with the terrazzo flooring. All the existing components of the original layouts were preserved and the personal touch Santarossa Mosaic & Tile provided were beyond our expectations. It looks like a new school.” Terrazzo floors demonstrate once again, that where there is a problem with an existing floor finish, Terrazzo with its permanent, sanitary, and easy to maintain characteristics is a no-brainer at Tri-North Middle School.